New Birches Series
Topsy Turvey Bittersweet 1&2
Northern Spring Birches 1
Northern Spring Birches 2
Pink Samaras 1
Pink Samaras 2
Tangled 1
Tangled 2
Stars and Stripes
North Bay Bittersweet 1&2
Maple Seeds Dance 1
Maple Seeds Dance 2
Pussywillow Branch 1
Pussywillow Branch 2
Pussywillow Branch 3
Pussywillow Branch 4
Winterberry Branch 1
Winterberry Branch 2
Birch and Berries
Hidden Springs Birch 1
Hidden Springs Birch 2
Rosy Samaras
Cherry Blossoms
Evening Glow Birches
Nine Magnolia Buds
Winterberry Bunch
Inverness Birch 1
Inverness Birch 2
Curly Q Birch
October Birch
Hanging Bittersweet 1&2
Vines in the Wind 1
Vines in the Wind 2
Birch with Bands
Birch with Lichen
Lost Lake Birches 1
Lost Lake Birches 2
Lost Lake Birches 3
Red Heart
Just the Two of Us
Golden Bands.JPG
Bittersweet Tumble 2
Bittersweet Tumble 1
Cross Village Birch
Bliss Birch
Round Lake Birch
Two Ribbons
Deep V
Bittersweet Tendrils
Bittersweet Pods 3
Fly Away
Fuzzy Willows
Little Bittersweet 1
Little Bittersweet 2
Two's Company
A Long Limb
A Peeling Birch
In the Breeze
Sayner Birch
Birch Buds 1.JPG
Birch Buds 3.JPG
Entwined 3
Winterberry 1
Winterberry 2
Birch with Cross
Birch Bend
3 Branch Birch
Red Maple Buds