Birches Series archive
Boyne Birch
Entwined 1
Five Mile Birch
Pussywilow Shoots 2
Pussywillow Shoots 1
Fisher Birches 1
Fisher Birches 2
Fisher Birches 3
Bittersweet Pods 5
Fly Away.JPG
Swinging Samaras 1
Crossing Over
Two to Tango.JPG
Fuzzy Willows 2
Pussy Willows Five.JPG
North Bay Birches
Blue Hue
Bittersweet Pods 4
Bittersweet Vine.JPG
Hot to the Touch
Bending Pussy Willows.JPG
Bittersweet Pods 2
Reaching Upward
Blown Away.JPG
Basswood Berry
Bittersweet Yawn.JPG
Reaching Bittersweet.JPG
Alva Birch 1
Alva Birch 2
Alva Birch 3
Branch Out
Tiny Grove
Ephraim Birch
Big and Little
Sugar Maple Seeds
Manitou Birch.JPG
Bittersweet Sway
Tangled Bittersweet
Red Maple Seeds
Tre Bjorke
Two Vines Dance
Highland Birch 3.JPG
Basswood Buds 2
Ealry Spring
Spring Wind
Blushing Birch.JPG
Basswood Buds 1
Stripes and Solids
Highland Birch 2.JPG
Glowing Ember.JPG
Fuzzy Willows 3
Birches Three.JPG
Bittersweet Pods 1
In the Loop.JPG
Swinging Samaras 2
White Lace
Primary Colors.JPG
Blue Crossing.JPG
Blue Shadows.CRW
Bittersweet Cascade.CRW
Wild Bittersweet.CRW
Basswood Branches 1 and 2.CRW
Basswood Braches 3 and 4.CRW
Grass 3.CRW
Grass 4.CRW
Grass 5.CRW
Fall Bittersweet 1 and 2.CRW
Birch Grove 1.JPG
Winter Bittersweet 1and 2.CRW
Three Generations.CRW
Dandelion Green.CRW
Flying Seeds.CRW
Long Limb Birch.CRW
In to the Wind.CRW
Bittersweet Chain.CRW
Birch Grove 2.JPG
Bowing Pussy Willow.CRW
Field Bittersweet.CRW
Twin Globes.CRW
Spring Basswood.CRW
Birch and Winterberry.CRW
Namekagon Bittersweet 1.JPG
Namekagon Bittersweet 2.JPG
Tomorrow River Trail 1.JPG
Tomorrow River Trail 2.JPG
Dandelion Hill 2.JPG
Bittersweet East.CRW
Birch Bark Tendrils.CRW
Pussy Willow Buds.JPG
Chaple Hill Birch.JPG
Dandelion Hill 3.JPG
New Leaves.JPG
Bittersweet Triptych.CRW
Bittersweet West.CRW
Birch Grove.CRW
Bittersweet in the Breeze.CRW
Banded Birch.CRW
Bright Birch.CRW
Birches II.JPG
birches 3.CRW
pink birch.JPG
Lake Owen Birch.JPG
Curved Birch.JPG
Birch Branch and Lichen.JPG
Branched Birch.CRW
Pussy Willows.CRW
White Feather Falling  
ginkgo 4.CRW
Golden Birch.JPG
Young Birch.JPG
Basswood Stems.JPG
The Seeds Ticklish in the Wind.JPG
Dandelion 1.JPG
Dandelion 3.JPG
Tangled Bittersweet.JPG
Sensitive Fern.JPG
Ginkgo 2.JPG
Bowing Grass.JPG
Bittersweet Twigs.JPG
Dancing Grass.JPG
Three Pussy Willows.JPG
Basswood Seeds.JPG
Basswood Twigs.JPG
Pussy Willow Tips.CRW
Floating Seeds.CRW
Swinging Bittersweet.CRW
Two Acorns.JPG
Dandelion 2.CRW
Dandelion 4.JPG
Dandelion 6.JPG
American Bittersweet.JPG
American Bittersweet 2.JPG
Arching Pussywillows.JPG
Tamarack 2.JPG
Little Pussywillows.JPG
Basswood Budding.JPG
Kissing Birch.JPG
Chapel Point Birch #2.JPG
Chapel Point Birch #3.JPG
Tomorrow River 1.JPG
Tomorrow River 2.JPG
Pussy Wilow Buds.JPG
Chappel Point Birch #1.JPG
Dandelion Gathering 2.CRW
Dandelion Gathering 1.CRW
Spring Thaw.CRW
Delicate Arch
Straight as an Arrow
Shed Winter's Cloak.JPG
Three Scrolls.JPG
High Bluff Birches
Higland Birch 1.JPG
Chalk White.JPG
Willow in Spring 2
Entwined 2
Straight Up Birch
In Flight
Menonaqua Birch
Willow in Spring